Korean Translator

Korean Translation

English to Korean or Korean to English translations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Legal documents
    Litigation, patents, complaints, summons, etc.
  • Business and finance
    Correspondence, press release, prospectus, etc.
  • Technical manuals & brochures
    Product information, telecommunications, computer, engineering, etc.
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
    Clinical trial, patient consents, product inserts, lab reports, etc.

A large project (brochures or manuals, for example) is normally handled by a competent translation staff in Seoul. Clients therefore benefit from a large pool of Korean language experts with a variety of specialized areas. When a project is done in Korea, I perform a second proofing before delivering the final product to the client. A client's request for any minor change will be quickly handled here in the U.S.

Translation memory tools (TRADOS STUDIO, memoQ) are used for large projects for consistency of terms and reduced cost.

Do you use MS Office?

Just send me the English file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) via email. Then I will overwrite it with Korean while keeping the entire format intact. I will send you the translated Korean in the same file format or in PDF. You will need to select Korean on your computer to view and print out Korean text.

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